4*6m RGB star curtain and DMX star cloth for wedding

Right now, RK RGB lighting curtain has hot size 3x3m, 3x4m,4x6m, 4x8m, 5x10m with Velcro design on sale.

These star curtain system like RGB curtain, all is quite popular in stage, theatre, TV studio, theme events, home parties, nigh club, hotel banqueting halls, conference room, wedding, etc. RK can provide the professional service and most kind of event equipment to you.
Come to see the quick details of RGB curtain first:
Voltage: AV 90V-260V, 50Hz
Channels: 6 channels
Operation Modes: All LED on, DMX Control, Sound Activated; Auto Run
Program: LED display, SD card(16pre-set program)
Lights Color: 7 colors(RGB)
Colors of fabric: Flame Resistant white or black

RGB star curtain

See the above picture, the simple component= 4m High X6m Wide fireproof material white cloth+ Controllers with DMX cables. As client would like to hang on the back wall , like decorative item in wedding and connect every drape side by side, we design it as Velcro(on the side curtain) and pocket(on the top fabric). Then set the channel, lights under auto-run, flash mobs, Strobe, static etc. All the lights can work with the models, like the star in the sky.


Some of clients may ask: I don’t like the pocket style, just instead of starry curtain like star spread all over the sky, how can I make? The answer is make grommet on the 4 sides of curtain, you can connect all the lighting drapes together with string. Due to the weight of fabric(normal 3x3m piece weight 7.6kg), you are expected to use some thin material, like banjo, chiffon to cover on the top truss or pipe drape system.
If you would like to ask more advise on your event project, just feel free to contact us.

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RK LED curtains backdrop

Led curtains with DMX control system is widely used in live show, holiday party, wedding venue, festival celebration.Mainly used in the large, medium and small stage background, KTV and wedding, etc.

LED star light curtains

Below are the detailed information of our LED CURTAINS:

LED Star Curtain Details
Drape Material Fireproof Velvet
Drape Color Black or White
Led Lamp power 0.06w
Voltage: AC 90V- 260V, 50Hz
Fuse: 3A (power supply), 10A (control PCB)
Working time 50000h
Led Lamp quantity 15-18pcs led lights/square meters
Led Lamp color single white, red, yellow, blue, green and purple; blue and white mixed color; red, yellow, blue and green mixed color; red, white, blue and green mixed color; blue, green, yellow and white mixed color
Operation modes: All LEDs on; DMX Control; Sound Activated; Auto run
Channels: 8 channels
Program: 14 pre-set program (set DMX address to choose program)
Occasion: live show, holiday party, wedding venue, festival celebration.Mainly used in the large, medium and small stage background, KTV and wedding, etc
Normal size 2*3m, 2*4m,3*4m, 4*6m, 5*10m, etc.Customized is ok

Some detailed picture of our Led Curtains:

P20 LED curtains
LED Lamp

The led curtains is widely used in many countries, we can make different plugs based on where you are from. Below is the plugs for reference:


Some feedback the led curtains pictures and video from our clients:

Customer feedback led curtain

LED Curtain feedback video link:https://youtu.be/P46nG3aTyqY

Any interest in our led curtains, kindly feel free to contact me whenever. Below are my contact details, your contact is always welcomed!

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RK Fashion LED star curtain

The LED star curtain is designed for indoor applications. It is really an indispensable tool for stage, theater, TV studio, theme events, nigh club, hotel banqueting halls, conference room, wedding, home parties etc.

LED star curtain
RK LED star curtain wedding party show

This star curtain system can make surprising and fabulous effects .The curtains is made from heavy duty cloth. It is flame retardant (SGS certified), easy to maintain and clean. The curtains is finished with Velcro on all four sides to allow free connection of many curtains in any configuration to create a larger curtain. Grommets are also available at four sides.You can run the Star LED controller at Stand Alone mode, or Sound Activation mode. Our led star curtains are made to orders. The most popular sizes are 6*4m, 8*3m, 7*5m and 10*3m. We use black and white fabric for led star curtains.

RK LED star curtain show
RK LED star curtain show

Do you still worried about where to find the high quality portable LED star curtain?The good news is RK have this high quality products.Whatever size you want,wherever you want to how to set up.We can all meet your requirement.

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Why do people need the dance floor

Why do people need the dance floor? Why is RK dance floor for sale? I think this question is very simple.
The first point:
Dance floor owners a long history. Dance floor comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Polished finished black dance floor is very versatile with any décor. Another popular style is a black and white dance floor. These dance floor are also popular in old time soda shop and diner establishments.Outdoor black and white dance floor for wedding

The second point:
The dance floor with simple installation, RK even more so. RK dance floor types have a lot of, have wooden dance floorthe LED dance floorRGB dance floor, and the classic black and white dance floor, etc., these dance floor installation method is very simple, only two steps:First Step:  Joining together many dance floor platform first, then put away the square edge aluminum and bevel edge aluminum on the side, Second Step:  Please use the
accessories” Hex key ” into the floor platform screw Clockwise turn joining together. Then complete OK, Yes, is so simple, it is so convenient. How to install the dance floor ]
Install the dance floor steps
The third point:
The dance floor to have good product features: RK of the dance floor is a powerful dance floor manufacturers and suppliers in the world, one of our dance floor has a very good product features, for example:Durable and rust resistant,Modular system,Virtually unlimited size or configuration,Creates theatre-like appearance,Smooth Surface,Light weight .
Dance  floor used in all kinds of places: dance spread so far, there have been many places, and in not long ago,Jeremy Corbyn joins the dance floor for Labour conference’s diversity night;Jordan Fisher heats up the dance floor on DANCING WITH THE STARS and so on,These are the dance floor in place of daily life, it is widely used in international communication, activities, parties, weddings, any indoor or outdoor recreation. So dance floor widely used.
outdoor black & white dance floor for wedding and pipe and drape wedding booth
The dance give a person with pleasure and temperament: a perfect party or event, involves a pleasant part of, in addition to eat, must be played, and the manner of ordinary play those, and fixed form, but the dance floor, because it is advantageous to the popularity of the intersection and diversity, music, dance, as a result of the different, and the scene arrangement is dressed up the dance floor, more conducive to convenient site layout design not only, but also added a master temperament, say so, why not?
Above, is so much, roughly of course, the more features you need to find, if you want to know more, please contact with me, we welcome your arrival.
If you want to learn more,  please contact with me, we welcome your arrival.
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RK pipe and drapes is used in various occasions

Various occasions are familiar to us, no matter from its popularity, even the decoration, decoration style is the most things that people put their eyes on style decoration depends on the decoration material–Pipe and drapes.

RK  Pipe and drapes
RK Pipe and drapes

Our company is professional in manufacturing the elegant event decoration pipe and drape, we have different material, The curtains and drapes inside they are mainly chiffon/velvet/ velour/banjo, they have many features; if you want to decorate a party backdrop or ceiling room, elegant trans-parent drapes is suitable. If a big event, luxury velvet is the first choice. while on exhibition, banjo is always appreciated by the business men.

Pipe and drape for trade show booth
Pipe and drape for trade show booth

No matter what big event you are going to decorate, if you are troubled with your design, just leave it to us, tell the size of the spot you need decorate it. You will at last share an unforgettable party with your friends.We are professional in pipe and drape systems.

Pipe and drape for Photo booth
Pipe and drape for Photo booth

If you want to learn more, please feel free to contact us, we will wholeheartedly for your service.
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Pipe and drapes for trade show booth

Pipe and Drapes for Trade Show Booth ,Pipe and Drape refers to aluminum pipe, fixed or adjustable vertical uprights supported by a heavy base plate, and telescopic or fixed horizontals that provide a drape support frame with removable drape panels. Pipe and Drape is used to divide, hide, or decorate a space temporarily. It is the least costly way to surround booth space at an exhibition. When the system is used for exhibition purposes and used instead of the traditional shell scheme option build time and breakdown time is significantly reduced. Pipe and drape is a great way of adding color to what would normally be a relatively plain backdrop.

RK Trade show booth of blue & white trade show, Red trade show, black trade show etc.

Banjo drape used normally for trade show booth, it’s very economic, and this drape material is Flame Resistant, so suited for the exhibition. the drape must be “pleated” or installed with folds for a finished look. Typically 1.5-ft to 2 ft of drape is used for each running foot to be covered. The industry standard fabric for trade show drapery is Banjo. Banjo is a dobby-weave fabric made from a medium-sheen polyester yarn. It is inherently flame resistant and machine washable. Inherent flame resistance means the flame retardant characteristics will not fade with washing. Booths require two different sizes of drape: 8ft long drape which hangs between 8ft high uprights and 3ft long drape which hangs between 3ft uprights and the 3ft slot on 8ft uprights.

Rk Trade show booth dispaly

The industry standard for trade show drapery is for the drapes to be two inches shorter than the height of the upright. A typical 8ft Banjo drape is actually 94’’ in finished height with 4’’ pockets on top and bottom. This prevents the drape from hanging on the floor and allows the panel to be flipped over when the bottom is soiled or damaged.
If you want pipe and drape for exhibition as trade show booth, please feel free to contact us, let’s save your cost and energy .




RK adjustable aluminum stage for outside event

The aluminum stages are widely used in outside big event, with adjustable legs to meet difference height. And Cardan base at the bottom of the legs for uneven ground. Aluminum brace at four side to make the stage much more steady than others.
The aluminum stage consist of modular hardboard platform, aluminum brace and adjustable aluminum legs. The dimension of the stage platform included 4 ft*4 ft,4 ft*8ft,1 m*1 m,1 m *2 m. The thickness of the hardboard and frame are 18 mm and 65 mm. The aluminum stage is durable and with large bearing, weight capability is about 850 kg per sq meter. We provide four types surface, carpet finish, industrial material, tuffcoat finish, armorplate glass. The industrial material and glass stage are hot sale. Most people choose the industrial material surface for outside performance show, the surface is anti slip and water resistant. The glass stage is popular in fashion show or exhibition.

RK adjustable aluminum stage.

We provide a wide adjustable height for the aluminum stage.Common heights range from 30 cm to 220 cm, different level to meet your requirements, included 30~50 cm,40~60 cm,50~80 cm,60~100 cm,70~120 cm,80~140 cm,90~160 cm,100~180 cm,110~200 cm,120~220 cm. The 70~120 cm and 90~160 cm are the most hot sale heights. The adjustable legs and aluminum brace will be matched well to meet the same height. Also the stage’s height decide how many steps of the stair. We recommend 2 sets stair, one on each side. If your height has over 1.0 m ,we suggest that guard rail at the three side. The guard rail is 1.0 m high, it’s going to protect the performer from falling down. You can add skirting that hides the underlying support structure of the brace and legs, to make the stage more perfect.
Our aluminum stage includes all common sizes, as well as all common heights. Additional, we also can provide special shape and custom size, not just the common size. If you want a custom aluminum stage with special design, do not hesitate to contact us.
RK aluminum stage.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.
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