How to choose your wedding tent

When it comes to weddings, it is often happy because weddings are unforgettable.

So, at the wedding how to choose the right tent? This is a question worth considering. Because the number of different, different venues, different climate, customs are not the same, as well as you decided at the wedding site layout is different, so the choice of wedding tent is very important thing.

outdoor wedding tent

For example, the day you budget is not very good, you can use the dome tent, so beautiful, but also to prevent accidents, of course, you can pick a good weather, and then, for example, you want to appear on your wedding dance floor, Well, your first consideration is the size of your tent, then the rectangular tent is very suitable, and then consider the dance floor is arranged in another site or tent inside, we must think outside the surrounding environment, the surrounding environment is good, the layout of the outside You do not need more decoration, if the surrounding environment is not very good, to be arranged, then choose a big tent is a better choice.

wedding event

RK, there are four kinds of wedding tents, square tents, rectangular tents, bird-shaped tents, pyramid-shaped tents, which can also be divided into double and single tent structure, can be described as a wide range.

RK pipe & drape system and wedding tent

Finally, I want to say is that the choice of tents actually more depends on your own degree of love, and the style you want, their favorite is the strongest truth.

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RK 85 mm glass stage for sale and rental

The scene of the stage can be seen everywhere in the life, the festival, the combination of large stage and trussglass stage and display of products at the show, at the wedding, glass stage and wedding background lighting off each other, in the fashion show, the glass The stage is more common.

stage type

RK glass stage has two materials, one is tempered glass stage, tempered glass, heat, cold are high temperature cooling, deep processing of products, high transparency, good textureThe other is the acrylic glass stage, acrylic glass stage belonging to the organic glass stage, it is relatively lightweight compared to tempered glass, but also the same solid, and the transparency is very clear, without any impurities, feel and texture are very good , Our production process is also very shrewd.

custom glass stage

The picture above is the T-shaped tempered glass stage we finished. It is ordered by a customer from California with a height of 85mm, a glass thickness of 16mm-19mm, a size of 1.22 * 1.22 or 1.22 * 2.44 A special steel structure connection, as well as laminated plastic. So we decided on the safety of our entire glass stage, solidity, practicality.


The above is the stage for many of our glass stage, we also have other types of stage, smart stagefolding stagealuminum stagebeyond stage and other stage product types, and our stage plane There are also three general materials, rubber, carpet, paint. There are many colors and the shape of the stage plate. For example, common red, blue, black, triangle, square, hexagon, fan and so on.

stage color and shape

If you want to learn more about our stage products or other major products, feel free to contact us, we will contact you in a short time.

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Adjustable Folding Stage Portable for Concert


When you stop to watch the concert, have you ever thought the component of equipment? As a essential part of concert, Stage platform is very important. Then how to chose your correct stage ?
When Choosing a platform, what is the first word come to your mind? Price? durability , weight capacity? Portable or not? RK has 4 kinds of stage, which can entirely fit for your need. Folding stage , Smart StageBeyond stage and aluminum stage.
portable folding stage
Some clients doubt that how to install a full stage solution. Today we would like take folding stage for example to explain to you. Let’s see the quick details first:
Stage platform:4′ X 8′(1.22mx2.44m)/6′ X 8′(1.83mx2.44m)
Stage height:0.40~0.60m(16inch~24inch)/0.60~0.80m (24inch~32inch)
Optional Stage Accessories: Guardrail/Skirts
Steps: 2-Step, 3-steps, 4-Step
Weight Capacity:750kg/per square meter

How to make up a big portable stage solution?
Every stage panel is separated when manufacturing. Project 1: 12x24ft? You can chose the suitable platform piece: 4x8ft, then you total need 9pieces single panels. Project2: 30x24ft? Then platform 6x8ft piece is perfect one, 15 pieces is enough. After choosing the desired height, you just need to use a tool-Allen key to connect every part. All is very simple and cost-effective.

portable stage hexkey
We provide 2 Stage surface colors at your option: black and red. In Chinese traditional, Red always be the most popular color, which means that prosperity and fortune. Therefore, you can see red color in most types of events, like Chinese traditional wedding, opening ceremony, school’s opening ceremony, annual anniversary etc. Why not have your own one?
folding stage
RK are big-scale factory do wholesale and reasonable price and we also have other event equipment: LED curtaindance floorpipe drape, truss system, protector ramp, crowd barrier, etc. Contact us now and begin your event.
Ask more detailed and professional idea about our event project and some other wedding solution, contact us immediately.
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RK curtains and drapes event display

RK has a great variety of curtains and drapes, chiffon, banjo, gold velvet, velvet, poly curtains, and so on, all of which are common fabrics in our daily lives.

RK curtains and drapes type

Many of these fabrics are used for decoration and family life, such as chiffon yarn often used for wedding decorations, outdoor wedding tent decorations, indoor wedding backgrounds, backdrops, ceiling decorations, most All are chiffon, because chiffon is very soft, pure color, feel very comfortable. There is also velvet at the wedding, celebrations, holiday programs often appear, because our curtains and drapes can also be fire and water, as well as the fire and water proof of the relevant agencies, so our quality is very secure.

wedding background

In the home, there is a lot of use, and chiffon is often used for the decoration of the bedroom, looking neat and rich. Flannel is often used in kitchens and toilets, because flannelette absorbent, so does not apply, you can also make their own rugs, absorbent pads, etc., as well as poly curtains, Banjo, usually the ceiling, shower curtain, outlook curtains, etc.

RK backdrop curtains and drapes

In fact, these fabrics in our RK, the imagination is great, used in various places, if you want to know other uses of curtains and drapes, please contact us.

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RK – A qualified wedding planner

RK is a company that specializes in the sale and rental of pipe and drape system, and our pipe and drape are mainly used at banquets and ceremonies.

pipe and drape system(no logo)

Pipe and drape are made up of four sections, crossbaruprightbase plantdrapes. So this determines its flexibility. Rugged, lightweight, fast build, easy transport, suitable for all occasions, of which the wedding is a very good choice. pipe and drapes can make up a lot of decorations that you often see on weddings. Wedding tentwedding backgroundswedding photo boothswedding stage and some wedding items such as tablecloths, trusses, wedding lights, blackout curtains, and wedding decorations.

RK wedding products

In addition to our wealth of items, our designers and engineers will give you some wedding ideasbased on what you want, for example, according to the prevailing ambient temperature, select the appropriate wedding background package, to some wedding Background ideas that will not conflict when your wedding is in progress.

Of course, we still have a lot of products on the wedding ceremony, if you want to know more, please contact us.

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RK pipe and drape system for sale and rental

RK rental and sale pipe drape systems. The main products of our system are trade shows, tents, photo booths, background kits, curtains and drapes. There are also a number of other ancillary products, such as tablecloths, shower curtains, shades, ceilings drapes, wedding tents, background decorations, tables, chair curtains or drapes, and more. Of course, we also have some other product systems with dance floor, stage, truss, explosion proof bars, crowd control barriers and more.

pipe and drape system manufacture

RK pipe and drape systems is a near perfect system, why is it close? Because we in the process of sell and lease, products and services are constantly improving, more and more humane, more and more international.

It is well-known that pipe drapes are mainly composed of four parts: drapes, base plate, uprights and crossbar. Among them, the RK uprights and crossbar are high-tech composite materials, which are not only lightweight but also firm and retractable. Chassis is a variety of types, suitable for a variety of venues, all kinds of geology, all kinds of climate, wind and rain will not easily blow it.

We also diversify the types of curtains, there are gold velvet, chiffon, Banjo and other types of curtains, curtains you can also be in the special custom fire, water features, as well as the relevant agencies to prove. Can be described as very powerful, very attractive.

RK pipe drape systems

The above is almost our pipe and drape system, of course, there are other products, if you want to know more, or you want to know about our other popular systems, please feel free to contact us.

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A beautiful space backdrop – pipe and drape system

RK event company has been a leading supplier to many weddings and special events for over 16 years. Our satisfied customers include Caterers, Florists, Event Planners, Universities, Hotels, Country Clubs and other Rental Stores.  Currently, we have a 15,000 sq ft warehouse located in Shenzhen China Guanlan area. We have an extensive inventory of  Pipe & Drapeled drapeStagesDance Floors and much more. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, reasonable prices and the absolute best service known in the industry. The entire staff at RK Event is committed to satisfying our customers……Every time!

RK products

Pipe and drape is a process of dividing, hiding, or decorating a space temporarily with removable drape panels on a horizontal support frame. Draping covers up distracting or less appealing walls or windows and creates a beautiful backdrop for any space.

We carry a large inventory of Pipe & Drape to service any size trade show, gala, wedding show or just a simple back drop.
Trade show setups for 8-foot high drape with 3-foot high booth dividers. 7-12-foot high adjustable drape is an option for those larger areas you need covered.
We also can supply large amounts of event carpet for 6-foot wide aisles, large quantity of tables, chairs and tablecloths are also available
Contact us today for a quote! For a quicker estimate, have a rough floor plan available.

RK pipe drape systems display

Unless otherwise stipulated, the per foot pricing is based upon the industry standard 10′ wide-8′ high sections with 4 banjo cloth panels per adjustable 10′ section with necessary uprights and bases.   Applies to  both the 8′ high (back wall) and the 3′ high (side rail) booth dividers.

Pipe & Drape System
1. Slide cloth pocket on to the spreader.
2. Place upright pole on base.
3. Hook spreader in to upright pole.
4. Repeat configuration in any direction.

Some of the options available as part of our draping services are:
1. Ceiling Treatment/Drapes
2. 4-Post Ceremony Arch
3. Color and Material Options
4. Custom Swag Drapery
5. Divisions/Partitioning
6. Drapery Lighting

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