portable aluminum stage system for events party

We, ALLSTAR Event Show Ltd , is the branch company of Rack In The Cases Ltd in Singapore. ALLSTAR, Ltd., is an industry-leading design and manufacturer of event products. we provide the Aluminum stage, mobile stage, event portable smart stage, performance stage and etc.

The stage is consist of Plywood with carpet, non-slip, rubber, tuffcoat, plexiglass. Rack stage is very Durable, modular stage can stand 185 lbs./sq.ft. We have different regular shape in square/square folding/triangle/quarter round/step platforms and easy to carry on.


Dimensions(Set up) m    1mx1m,1mx2m  3’X3′, 4’X4′

Weight  18kg,20kg,30kg,33kg

Dual Height                                             10cm 20cm,40cm,60cm,80cm

Surface Black OR Grey Carpet     Black OR Grey Carpet

Step(20cm Step)     1M X 0.36M ,    3’*1′,4’*1′

Gudrail(Width)   W = 0.9M//1.0M/1.2M   W = 0.9M//1.0M/1.2M

Skirt     2m (W) * 20cm,40cm/60cm/80cm    2m (W) * 20cm,40cm/60cm/80cm




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