portable beyond stage system for sale

Dance stage is made of stage frame, pillar, connector, lock and base, the best choice for you when you held both indoor and outdoor events such as wedding, concert, party, exhibition, booth, graduation, fashion show, T-show, catwalk……

The platform you can choose carpet, organic glass or non-slip pedals accord to your needs.


– including: platform. legs, brace

– 750 KG Load capacity

– material: plywood and aluminum

– easy-assemble

– 4 legs

RK beyond portable stage for party                        


* Platform: Carpet & Industrial material & Tuffcoat & Plexiglas finished

* Platform size: 1*1m,1.22*1.22m,1*2m,1.22*2.44m

* adjustable height(you can choose one from following height according to your need)

30-50  cm ; 40-60  cm; 50-80  cm; 60-100  cm;  70-120 cm; 80-140 cm; 90- 160 cm; 100-180 cm; 110- 200 cm; 120-220  cm.

* Set up: 1pcs of panel match 4 legs & 4 leg bases

* Guardrail: available

* Stage skirts: available

* Packing: trolley or carton

* G.W: 700-750KGS/SQ.M

* Stair: available




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