folding stage platforms for sale for events

RK FOLDING STAGE converts easily from one application to another without the necessity of lifting heavy folding leg units. This portable staging system also eliminates the need to flip the unit over to adjust to the desired height. There is no need to damage the deck edges during set-up and take-down. The light-weight frame is set in place, unfolded, and automatically assumes the correct position for attaching the deck. Heights are easily set with an adjustable “pull pin”.

1,Our mobile stage is movable, portable, deluxe, folding but strong ,reusable and security.

2,Aluminum modular stage design allows you to use the same stage for all your needs and change the size, height and shape as you need.

3,It’s very easy to build a beautiful mobile stage by one single person.

4,Widely used in many different events, shows, conference. competition, exhibition and so on.

Product Feature :

Maximum Stability & Resistance

light-weighed folding stage

aluminum structure stage

easy to transport

Safety Guaranteed


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