portable cheap pipe and drape system for sale

Glad you asked, pipe and drape system is great because it can easily change the entire look and feel of your event, not to mention do it for a pretty low price. Pipe and drape is commonly used by colleges, grade schools, production companies, wedding and event planners, fashion shows and even churches and construction companies. Pipe and drape is every where. You can even use the frame work to create something different, you need a step and repeat banner or a custom printed backdrop….. you guessed it, pipe and drape is your answer.

With all these uses you might be thinking “how hard are these system to assemble” they answer is, they are simple. If you can put a hook in a slot you’ve already got it down. below is an image of one clients use of pipe and drape that we thought was pretty cool. Let us know what you come up with.

When planning an event, trade show, Convention, product launch or simply want to divide a room. RK have many wedding pipe and drape options. At RK, we have a large inventory of pipe and drape. Check out our broad range of pipe and drape, including many color options. We have drapes in white, gold, ivory, black, blue and red.  An online quote can help you get one low price for everything you need, since we are your one-stop pipe and drape manufactory in China!



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