wedding pipe and drape kits for sale

Pipe and drape systems is a great way to make an exhibit booth, divide a room or use as a backdrop kits for a press conference. Pipe and drape can even be used as a standalone display. Our customers include exhibition, event producers and anyone needing a great way to divide a room. We have even sold pipe and drape to fashion shows, theaters to use as dressing rooms! This pipe and drape system is a great accessory for any trade show events. Each unit comes with a back wall and two side wall. This pipe and drape that has sidewalls will create a more enclosed space that is fitting for trade show booths. The entire unit can be easily put together in just minutes.

Our pipe and drape kits can be disassembled, they are unique in the technology, which is the advantage only in our  company. Each part is broken or missing, you only need to change the connector alone. It can save cost for you by this way.

We offer popular common sizes in our pipe and drape and we also can make them as your special requests. Our purpose is to meet any needs from our customers!


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