pipe and drape sales for trade show display

Pipe & drape backdrops kits, trade show booths, and portable photo booths are our specialties! We supply hotels, conference centers, schools, trade shows, churches, party rental stores, and many other businesses with our complete pipe and drape packages and kits, as well as parts and accessories for existing displays.

The basics of pipe and drape kits:

1)Drape – available in a host of colors and fabrics; can be accessorized with tie-back sashes

2)Header/Horizontal – valance sleeved onto an adjustable horizontal support

3)Telescoping Uprights – unique slip-lock feature easily locks when pole is raised or lowered

4)Base – the foundation of pipe and drape; weight depends on style of drape

Provide your Length, Height, Width, then we can find out the best solutions for you.

We can help you earn the benefit easier and save your time!

We now could not only keep up with the latest product trend, but also upgrade our products according to actual need.  No matter what sort of pipe and drape system you are looking for, we can custom make for you.



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