led star curtain backdrop kits pipe and drape for sale

RK is proud to offer one of the largest selections of event products in the industry. Both our company and factory are in Shenzhen China since 2001.Our led star curtain will make you in a starry night sky, these drops creating a dynamic environment for your stage and space. So you can feel confident that the star drape will shine bright at your events.

You are assured of a quality-manufactured product made from a wide range of high grade black and white velvet drape, also you can add chiffon to make surface more brighter.

Material: Fireproof curtain, Black or White led light curtain

Light: Led or RGB. Colors are Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White and more.

Controller: Each one will control 120sq.m led curtain

Size: Led star curtain can be customized

Operation modes: All LEDs on; DMX Control; Sound Activated; Auto run

Led drape are covered with tiny bright “stars”, made from fireproof material. Also fire certificate available if required.



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