best wood for dance floor for wedding party décor

We have two  kind of portable dance floor, wooden dance floor and pvc dance floor.

Another popular style is a black and white dance floor. These floors are also popular in old time soda shop and diner establishments. Installation of polished dance floor is quite simple as well. To begin with the perimeter of the desired dance floor. Simply place the sheets on the ground, then the next. Step on the sheet, and it will easily lock in place.

Our dance floor have been used in many big functions. Such as wedding decoration, birthday party, event and so on.

Besides, our products have met many customer’s requirement around the world.

1.RK  Plywood Dance Floor has a variety of sizes and colors. Black, white, or other color you like.

2.Widely used for event, party, wedding, any indoor or outdoor entertainment.

  1. RK Dance Floor with interlocked system, without any hole or joints on the surface. Can be easy install at the same time.
  2. PVC surface is flame resistant and water resistant.
  3. Saving more space for storage

6.The Frame Edge light weight, non-silp aluminum. Silver or gold color is available.


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