purchase pipe and drape kits for events party

Do you know pipe and drape Usage? Rack wedding pipe and drape is competitive in the market, there are many customers in China local market and oversea market , Rack company have applied and passed for the patent of the adjustable uprights, the lock and pipe of upright can be taken down and replaced if there are some part is broken down, it is very economic.

How to set up a temporary banquet hall in door or outdoor? Or to cover the banquet hall wall in order to fix the event subject decoration.

Portable pipe and drape system can offers convenient solutions for the banquet hall wall covers or hall wall decoration. Pipe and drape systems can be used freely as the structure can be build into side by side or 4 direction as dividers.

Normally, pipe and drape systems banquet wall cover/decoration goes into 2 or 3 schemes.

Both side of the hall cover with pipe and drapes in line with appropriate drape fabric. Offering suitable decoration idea for the events or ceremonies. Like White or Red theme for wedding or business conference.



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