buy pipe and drape system for events wholesale

RK pipe and drape systems is popular all over the world. We have so many clients like them and have speak highly of our products.

So what is the pipe and drape? This guide will walk you through pipe and drape components and set-ups.

First, let’s get a basic understanding of the pieces involved in pipe and drape. There are only 4 components parts to a pipe and drape backdrop kits:

1) Uprights – the aluminum vertical pipe the sets the height of your display.

2) Bases – the steel plate that goes underneath each upright to provide overall stability and support.

3) Drape Support Rod – the adjustable horizontal pipe that sets with of your display and from which the drapes are hung.

4) Drape Panels – the fabric that hangs from the drape support rod and completes the look of your backdrop.


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