led light star curtain for sale in China

RK Star Curtain, Chameleon and Animation Curtains provide gorgeous, dynamic backdrops that are cost effective and easy to setup, configure and transport. Create the perfect starry night or animated backdrop for live entertainment, corporate meetings, houses of worship, the cruise travel industry, educational facilities, and private parties. These LED show well, even in high ambient light conditions.

LED Star curtain is used for background, Led star cloth with DMX control system is widely used in live show, holiday party, wedding banquet, festival celebration. Mainly used in the large, medium and small stage background, KTV and wedding, etc.



Voltage: AC 90V- 260V, 50Hz

Channels: 8 channels

Blending: BW, RW, RGBW and RGLY, ect.

Operation modes: All LEDs on; DMX Control; Sound Activated; Auto run

Program: 14 pre-set program (set DMX address to choose program)

Material of Fabric : Fireproof Velvet

For more information of light star curtain wall, pls contact us!




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