manufacturer of pipe and drape curtains

What is pipe and drape system indeed? Well, you can tell just from its name——certain units of pipes, bases, fabrics, and that’s all. Oh wait, there is one more thing ——your imagination.

RK is a wholesale pipe and drape kits manufacturer in China!

Product Features:

  1. Set up or disassemble in minutes;
  2. Adjustable crossbars and uprights, all can be customized;

3.Diversified design solutions to adjust different venues;

4.Patent upright lock system——the bowl.

Packages: Carton, bag, flight case


Pipe and drape solution is various–they can make pipe and drape backdrop kits, room divider, booth, tent, wall cover etc, therefore, they can be used in event, wedding, photo booth, stage, party, prom, reception…just everything your imagination reaches…

Rayk Event Ltd is a singapore registered company with its manufacture center in Shenzhen, China. RK has been concentrating on pipe and drape system since the very first day it was founded. Nowadays, RK pipe and drape products are sold all over the globe and has won good reputation for its good quality and competitive price.


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