pipe and drape backdrop kits for wedding stage

The devices equipment stage backdrop kits that used on many stage occasions

Stage backdrops are very commonly used nowadays, as a term describing the devices or equipment that stage backdrops used on many stage occasions, like concert, dancing parties, TV shows and so on.

In concert: Stage backdrops in concert have so many advantages, for any band who just doesn’t have to build a stage out of thin air, and can’t afford to lose all the time to build and design the same stage for every stage in your tournament, stage backdrops are the first choice.

In music event: Like in concert, mobile stage can be a useful tool, most music event requires heavy, expensive audio sound equipment, these things will be needing a special stage, or space to put them with.

In wedding: Wedding decorations can vary a lot, but we are talking the floor, some weddings don’t have a stage, but most couples would want a stage backdrop to bond their holy matrimony. Wedding backdrop, unlike concert or other events, don’t need to be very large, it can be just a small, lovely scene.

RK is a professional stage backdrops manufacturer, as a global wholesaler, we ensure the quality of our goods by establishing our own factories and tech teams, and we have the ability to provide the most versatile and durable stage backdrop and ship them to your door step.




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