aluminum portable stage for events

RK stages are one of the most useful staging equipments you need!

As portable stages have so many types that almost every industry or every occasion has its finest suitable stages, we encourage our clients to search for your industry and find out the most useful staging equipment you need.

RK’s major stage products:

1, smile stage: much like portable stage, but often without the stage skirt.

2, aluminum stage: RK provides stages made or coated with aluminum materials. Aluminum has many advantages in that they are rusty-free and more light weight.

3, steel Stage: unlike aluminum stage, steel stage are heavier, but they are more steadier and duable, also, RK steel stages are rusty free.

4, folding stage: The most siginificant advantage of folding stage is they are easy to transport and convenient to store, for they took little space and very light weight.

About the portable stages manufacturer: RK is a leading China portable stage, staging equipment manufacturer and wholesaler, we provide various stages and we accept order online from overseas. As a major stage wholesaler, RK offers discounted bargain of bulk, large quantity orders.



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