pipe and drape curtains for trade show booth

A pipe and drape trade show booth kit takes the guess work our of your event. Our RK  trade show booth kit comes with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our pipe and drape trade show booth kits are also customizable, you can add or delete anything from the pipe and drape system. Standard kits come with uprights, crossbars, bases and drapes. You can also choose to have a single backdrop or add 3′ side walls. You can connect additional trade show booths by adding a connector kit. In case you don’t need the drapes they can be removed from any order.

Our pipe and drape kits can be customized to fit almost any need. We also have many different heights and adjustable systems to choose from. Want to change the color of your drapery, not a problem. We do not base our pricing on color of the drapery you choose. Please contact us to place an order with a custom color drape.

If you are looking for repairs pieces for your trade show booth kit, check out our pipe and drape accessories page. Here you will find the hard to find items to keep you pipe and drape kits in tip top shape for years to come. You can also find items in there to customize your new or current pipe and drape set without having to switch out your entire system. Should you have any questions our customer service team is here to help you every step of the way. You can use this link to contact us directly or simple call our toll free number. We wish you the very best at our next event and we appreciate the opportunity to partner with you.



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