used pipe and drape for sale for wedding event

Rayk Event Co. Ltd was founded in 2001,we are professional in manufacturing and marketing pipe and drapes manufacturer in China. RK pipes are magical and we sell the high quality event pipe. Our pipe and drape kits can be assembled in any way you like and the solutions are many and varied. Wedding tent, exhibition booth, stage backdrop and so on.

The basics of pipe and drape:

1)Drape – available in a host of colors and fabrics; can be accessorized with tie-back sashes

2)Header/Horizontal – valance sleeved onto an adjustable horizontal support

3)Telescoping Uprights – unique slip-lock feature easily locks when pole is raised or lowered

4)Base – the foundation of pipe and drape; weight depends on style of drape


Why RK? Easy. Our customers around the world, our innovative design and high quality pipe and drape products , and our first-class service. We also can manage a tight schedule. So if you need any products about pipe and drape,you can feel free to contact with us.


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