pipe drape wedding outdoor tent wholesale

Are you Still worried about how to find a high quality Pipe and Drape manufacturer? Today is your lucky day. Here we are. Whatever frame you want, wherever you want to set up, whatever quality you want, we all can satisfy you. RK have sell the wedding pipe and drape.

We have square roof tent for wedding or party, Pipe and Drape for trade show Booths, Pipe and Drape for photo booth, etc. In a word, RK Pipe and Drape can attend all occasion. You can set up one Pipe and Drape without any tools. It also could be portable for you to take them around. The height of RK’s upright is from 3’ to 32’. The width of RK’s crossbar is from 2’ to 26’.RK’s uprights and crossbars can all be made for adjustable. You also can design the size. So, design the height and width as you want by choosing RK’s popular and hot sale Pipe and Drape.

Ready to buy a dreamy tent of your own? Click through our slideshow of  beautiful wedding tent ideas to see how you can decorate your own!




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