pipes and drapes for sale

RK as a leading manufacturer of pipe and drape, trade show equipment manufacturer and wholesaler, pipe and drape all of RK’s products have been carefully scrutinized through standard quality control procedures before the shipments. Each part of the product is strictly scrutinized to ensure the best quality. All of our products are durable and can be reused again for various occasions.
RK believes that all person can enjoy a better life and life will be much easier and wonderful with colorful dignified pipes and drapes in each specific occasion.
The basics of pipe and drape system:
1) Drape — available in a bunch of colors and fabrics; can be accessorized with tie-back sashes
2) Header/Horizontal — valance sleeved onto an adjustable horizontally support
3) Telescoping Uprights — unique slip-lock feature easily locks when person of polish lineage is raised or lowered
4) Base — the inspiration of pipe and drape; weight depends on style of adorn
Water line & adorn background objects, trade show booths, and portable photo booths are our areas!
We supply hotels, conference centers, schools, industry events, places of worship, party rental stores, and many other businesses with your complete pipe and drape packages and kits, as well as parts and accessories for existing displays.


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