aluminum portable stage platform wholesale china

Maybe your new to the mobile folding stage world, and you are  interested in buying your first stage. … We carry portable stages and conventional stages large or small.

Aluminum material-durable and absolutely environmental friendly, portable aluminum  stage for sale with light weight and heavy duty capacity widely used for event, wedding, show, indoor or outdoor, Stage application for dance, universities, schools, government or ganization, houses of workship, they are with assemblage platformand aluminum frame, and easy to install and take off. Unit Stage can be build side by side with platform lock and frame connetor.

Portable Aluminum Stage Description

1、Platform components: Plywood + Aluminum Fram

2、Standard stage platform made from Plywood with different surface.– Rubber/Non-slip/Carpet.18mm platform thickness includes plywood board and aluminum shell frame.

3、Stage leg component: tube + sub tube + base plate

4、Surface Material: Carpet, Industrial material, Tuffcoat and Plexiglas finished

Welcome you to know more details from our customer service!!To get  a suitable stage!


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