led star curtain pipe drape for wedding

Star curtain is used for background, Led star cloth with DMX control system is widely used in live show, holiday party, wedding banquet, festival celebration. Mainly used in the large, medium and small stage background, KTV and wedding, etc.

Fabric Curtain with LED lighting and control systems works as a flashing backdrop for event or patty decoration.There are 2 kinds of Star Curtain: Standard LED and RGB Star Curtain.

Standard LED means the LED lighting lamp with single color when lighted up. Each square of the fabric curtain with 15-18pcs LED lighting lamp. It can be single acting or mixed appearance when controlled by the controller.

RGB also belong to LED. The R.G.B means Red, Green, Blue.  Each lamp functioning with R,G,B color and the other color when the R,G,B Mixed together. So the lamp with Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, even dark or lighter, like pigment was mixed in different amount. Each square meter of the fabric curtains with 8-10pcs RGB lamps as configuration. Fabric curtain is available in any color of flame resistant velvet fabric which offering fixable appearance for event and party.




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