pipe and drape booth manufacturers

Pipe and drape often used as trade show booths, in tents, in large banquet halls and on stage; pipe and drape covers up the distracting features of the less appealing wall or window behind it.

Our hot sale items:
(1)Base: 18″*18″*3/16″, 18*18*5/16″, 24″*24″*3/16″, etc.
(2)Upright: 6′-10′, 7′-12′, 8′-14′, 9′-16′ ,8′-20′, etc.
(3)Crossbar: 6′-10′, 7′-12′, 8′-14′, 9′-16′ , etc.
Drapes: Velvet, Velour, Chiffon, Silk, Banjo, etc.

RK pipe and drape kits is high quality with great value.
Our advantages:
(1)   Upright end: made by steel with painted zin, which can prevent it from rusting easily. Meanwhile, compare with other suppliers who made the end with aluminum, our upright end can bear heavy weight, while the aluminum one doesn’t.
(2)   Slip-lock collar of upright is replaceable. When it is broken, it is easy to replace a new one on it so you don’t need to discard the whole right, which is more durable.
(3)   Easy to set up, accurate and rapid height adjustments
(4)   Quickly adjusts to any height within the specific model range
(5)   No tools required for set-up or disassembly



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