led light curtain wedding use wholesale

How to make your event Shining, Romantic, and Pretty? Why not try RK STAR CURTAINS?

We supply two kinds of star curtain: Led star curtain & RGB star curtain. The Led star curtain illuminate single color with single bulb, while the RGB curtain illuminate seven colors with single bulb.Below are some detailed information for you:

LED and RGB Star Curtain for Wedding Hall Decoration:

1.Material: Select top grade velour drapes which is flame retardant and fire resistant, ultra-high brightness monochrome leds on the light, Optional

  1. Color: ChanGongyellow blue, green, white, purple red, yellow, blue, green, blue and white combination, red yellow and blue combination, red, white and blue green combination, every square metre has 15 to 18 lamp bead.
  2. Control Mode : Auto run; Sound Activated; DMX512; ALL LEDs on.


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